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Tips For Eating Out

Last updated 4 years ago

You can eat out and eat healthy, too.  Most restaurants offer delicious dishes that are lower in calories and healthier than normal restaurant meals.  Here are some tips to help you eat out and make better choices:

  • Order water, flavored water, or unsweetened tea to avoid added sugars.
  • Start off with a salad.
  • Limit your intake of the bread that is offered while you wait for your meal. If you can’t resist, just ask your server not to bring any to the table.
  • Order steamed, grilled, or broiled dishes instead of fried or sautéed meals.
  • Avoid ordering dishes with sauces or order the sauce on the side.
  • Order your baked potato with condiments on the side.
  • Choose a “small” or “medium” sized portion.
  • Ask for a to-go box with your meal. Don’t just sit there and continue to eat your food after you are full so you don’t “waste” any food. Ask for a box ahead of time and put half of your food in the box and take it home. If you do this you have two meals for the price of one and instant lunch for tomorrow.
  • Share a dessert. Desserts are twice as sweet and half the calories when you have someone to share them with. 


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