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Getting Ready for the Beach!

Last updated 5 years ago

Let’s face it, bathing suit season is here. If you’re having trouble with that last few pounds, or those pants just feel a little too tight lately… overeating may be the culprit. Be in charge of your body and take control of overeating with these tips.

Slow down:  You’ve all heard this one before, and guess what? It really works! It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to get the “I’m full” signal. So take it slow. Sip water or set down your fork between bites. You will find yourself eating less by taking more time.

Never eat from the container: Always put your food on a plate or bowl. Eating out of the container or box does not allow you to see exactly how much you are eating and can lead to eating way too much. Like snacking on dry cereal? Portion it out in a small 3/4 to 1 cup bowl instead of eating straight from the cereal box – which will lead to mindless eating.

Get satisfied: Choose foods that will keep you satisfied and full for longer. Stay away from foods that are high in calories but are small in volume, such as cookies/chocolate, milkshakes, and cheese. Choose fresh fruits, raw veggies, high-fiber cereal, yogurt, nuts, and dried fruit. The more protein and fiber in a food, the more satisfied you will feel and will help avoid overeating.

Down-size: Eat from smaller plates and bowls. Trick your brain by thinking you are eating more by filling a smaller plate, rather than filling a large plate. By only filling half of a large plate, your brain may not think the portion is adequate.

Plan ahead: Eat a healthy snack before going out to a social gathering or party. It will keep you from overeating on the fried food and dips that may be very tempting.

Log it: Keeping a food diary can help you see what exactly you’re eating. Keep a log of all the food you eat. Sometimes just knowing you have to write it down will keep you from eating those extra few bites. 

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