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How to Take Care of Your Joints Now So You Can Use Them Later

Last updated 7 years ago

It’s quite common to hear an older friend or relative talk about the “good old days”. Oh yes, back in those days, this person was able to skip, run, and jump with the best of them. Many older people find that they just can’t move like they used to. This is because many of them are suffering from arthritis—a condition effecting nearly 20% of the American population. Arthritis causes the joints to wear down and deteriorate, making it more and more difficult to bend and move your limbs normally. Arthritis can also be incredibly painful to deal with on a daily basis.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to take care of our joints that will help them from deteriorating in the future. Keeping your joints healthy and working properly now will mean you’ll be able to keep using them for a long time. Some ways to take care of your joints include:

  • Stop slouching. It may sound like something your mother would say, but maintaining good posture throughout the day takes some strain off of our joints—letting them get the rest they need.
  • Exercise. While it’s important that your joints rest, it’s also important that they work to become more flexible and able to move. Working out allows you to maintain a healthy weight, taking unnecessary stress off the joints.
  • Improve your eating habits. Eating right will benefit every party of your body—including the joints. Research shows that vitamin D, vitamin C, and omega-3 fatty acids all promote healthy joints and help your body maintain them.

Taking care of your joints isn’t a difficult thing to do, especially when all these tips promote overall health! The medical professionals here at Memorial Hospital can give you some more helpful hints for maintaining healthy joints. Our Bone & Joint Center can hep you get back on your feet. Come visit us today.


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