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Super Bowl Eating: How you can win the game!

Last updated 7 years ago

It’s Super Bowl time, and even if you’re not into football, I’m sure most of you will be attending a super bowl party this year. Hey, why not? It’s a free excuse to pig out on junk food and drink beer, right? While it’s OK to splurge every now and then, it can cause a dent in your diet plan. So, whether you’re attending a super bowl party or throwing one yourself, here are some tips and healthier foods choices that won’t let you fumble your healthy diet plan. 

  1. Eat something small before you go to the party. Having a slightly full stomach will help you cut back on the munching.
  2. Bring a healthy dish to the party. A veggie plate with low fat ranch, blue cheese, or a low fat dip such as hummus or salsa; turkey and cheese finger sandwiches; a fruit plate; or even some popcorn (light butter) are good options.
  3. Have a grilled chicken sandwich instead of a hotdog or hamburger. Save calories and lower saturated fat intake by eating lower fat meats.
  4. At the party, never eat anything that you didn’t put on your plate. Don’t linger around the food table. Get your plate, walk away and watch the game or mingle with friends. Avoid going back for seconds.
  5. Avoid a big penalty by paying attention to what you’re drinking. Some people forget to include beverages in the list of “junk food.” Choose diet soda, tea, a wine spritzer, light beer, or alcoholic drinks with low calorie mixers. But remember, even the calories in the “light” drinks add up, so don’t go overboard.

Keep yourself and your diet in bounds by having a game plan for your Super Bowl Sunday party. On offense, play smart: don’t let that 5-layer cheese dip and fried chicken wings tackle you – go long and steer clear from the food table as much as possible during the party. Play good, strong defense: Plan ahead by finding out what foods will be served at the party so you are ready for the temptations that are coming. Bring a healthy dish, or if you’re throwing the party, have some healthy options for those who also want to score the winning diet touchdown!

Shelly Edens is a registered dietitian with Memorial Hospital.


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