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5 Reasons to Be Proactive About Your Cardiological Health

Last updated 7 years ago

Heart health is probably not something most people think about everyday. It’s easy to forget about something that works involuntarily, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t think about it.

Our hearts are what keep us alive, so it’s our job to make sure they are always working the way they should be!

You can take a visit down to a hospital’s cardiology center to find out different ways to take care of your heart. Here are 5 reasons you should be proactive about your cardiological health:

  1. Heart disease, or cardiovascular disease, is the number one killer of both men and women. Many people with heart disease do not realize that anything is wrong until they have a heart attack. Taking an active role in your heart health can help prevent this silent killer.
  2. Heart disease can strike at anytime. It is not just something that effects older people. You can start developing heart disease in your teenage years, as a young adult, or as an older adult. Learning about healthy lifestyle choices to make early on can help you fight back.
  3. Heart disease can cause strokes. Suffering from a stroke is a traumatic experience and can also result in long-term disability or injury.
  4. Heart disease can be caused by high cholesterol. If you have too much cholesterol in your blood, atherosclerosis (a type of heart disease) occurs, as a result of the cholesterol building up in the walls of your arteries.
  5. Heart disease has many risk factors. You could have to face some of these risk factors in your own life. Each one causes greater risk for heart disease, so you should know what you should and should not do to reduce your risk.

You can speak with your physician to find out more information on how to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Here at Memorial Hospital, we offer impeccable cardiovascular services. You can also visit our bariatric surgery center for more information on how being a healthy size effects your heart. Our spine center and orthopedics center also offer the best care for all of your medical needs.


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